Women To Watch: Amelia De Vita

(By Charese Fruge’) Amelia De Vita is WBGG Big 105.9 Miami-Ft. Lauderdale’s Midday Host. Originally from Brisbane, Australia, she completed a Journalism and Communications degree there, while working in the field the entire time. “I worked part-time as a helicopter traffic reporter for The Today Show and Sunrise, two television shows, and I also provided radio reports while I was up there,” says De Vita. “I also worked as a part-time Assistant Producer for the Breakfast and Night shows on Nova, the #1 rated Top 40 radio station in Australia. I then moved to another radio station, 97.3, as a full-time Assistant Producer.

“After that, I traveled to Europe alone for two months, and when I returned, I was offered, and took, a position as a full-time Traffic Reporter in Sydney,” explains De Vita. “I later re-connected with friends I met on my trip to Europe, and we decided to tour America next. While I was here on vacation, I cold-called iHeartRadio for a job interview and got one. I met with their traffic department. I didn’t get the job, but I did end up being hired by CBS Radio as a full-time Traffic Reporter running the traffic division for Miami.

“While I was there, they had me fill in often on the morning shows in the building when their female hosts were out for whatever reason, sometimes for weeks at a time. Through doing that, I realized I liked hosting more than just doing traffic reports, so I approached one of my PDs and asked for my own show. He told me I could come in on Sundays but there wasn’t a budget for it. So, I hosted a show on ‘The Shark,’ an Alternative Rock station for a while, until someone finally heard me and offered me a full-time job…. My own Show! It was iHeartRadio. It all felt full circle. This year I celebrated 5 years with iHeart, and I couldn’t be happier.

“I always knew I wanted to be on the radio,” says De Vita. “I was accepted into college early and I headed straight for Applied Media. And honestly working in the helicopter is still something I am very proud of in both Australia and America. Moving here alone and creating an amazing life for myself is also something I am very proud of. I look back and think, ‘Man that was hard, but so worth it.’” As you can imagine, doing so and leaving her family and friends was very hard for De Vita. “We are all very close,” she says. “Starting fresh because I had so much curiosity and success was empowering, but also lonely, scary, and just plain difficult at times.”

As far as the business side of things, I asked De Vita a few of the important questions, starting with her take on AI. “Some stations already have AI radio announcers just for fun. But it could be the way of the future,” she says. “AI is inevitable, and I think it’s about learning other skills and being prepared to pivot in our careers when the time comes.

“When it comes to bridging the gap and engaging the younger generation for radio, being connected by social media and contributing to their daily lives that way, being available on new devices and apps, and creating and participating in current events and community outreach, are all in my opinion, the key to making the connection with them,” says De Vita.

And as far as the future Superstars in radio, De Vita says it’s Women in general. “I have seen a bunch of powerful Women rise up the ranks and I think making room for them, hearing them, encouraging them, fostering their ideas, and actually helping them to execute those ideas are really important to the success of the industry moving forward.”

What keeps De Vita up at night? “My little dog Brizzy who sleeps on me in the middle of the night…LOL. But I do miss my family and friends terribly, and I think about them all the time,” she says. “But I do find balance. I take it! I take the time to rest my body when it tells me to, and I tell people No! when I need to. It’s hard. Really hard. But sometimes it must be done for my own health and sanity.”

A career highlight for De Vita: “Pitbull once told me I have beautiful eyes… Thank you, Pitbull!”

De Vita’s next big project professionally is in the event space. “It’s where I thrive,” she says. “Organizing events, especially for charity is one of my favorite things to do. I am working to create and be more involved in more of that. On the personal side, my boyfriend and I are looking to buy a house. That is going to be a huge project for us both!”

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