Charese Fruge’ Talks To Meaghan Taylor

This article was originally posted to AllAccess’ “Women To Watch” series, written by Charese Fruge on November 16, 2021 

She’s the founder and owner of Women In Radio and Digital Content Producer for The Steve Harvey Morning Show. Meaghan (Meag) Taylor began her broadcast career at her college radio station, WANM 90.5 FM at Florida A&M University, where she is a graduate. Over the last six years, she has worked in numerous radio markets, such as, 104.7 The Flame in Port St Lucie, FL; BEATZ 96.3 in West Palm Beach, FL, 92.9 WTUG in Tuscaloosa AL; and Y100 in Miami, FL. In 2016, she founded Women In Radio LLC., an organization for the support and advancement of women in the radio industry.

It’s hard to believe, but Meag is actually a behind the scenes kind of person. “I got into the radio industry after my stint at my college radio station. It was fun, and although I had actually gone to school for television news, this was more my speed, and I’m actually very shy so it helped that nobody could see me.” Being shy was also one of her biggest challenges. “I always felt like I wasn’t being seen by those in power because I’m quiet,” she says. “I had to approach it by continuing to be myself. People are always watching, and God’s timing is always perfect.” Now, it’s hard to ignore her, despite her quiet personality. She is the founder of one of the most important organizations in the business, Women In Radio, a voice for women in an industry dominated by men. I am a proud member and had the pleasure of being on the virtual panel for last year’s yearly conference. I have never had that many women reach out to me after an event. It was truly inspiring.

“I started Women In Radio because I wanted friends in the industry,” she says. “At the time, I was at a station where I felt I didn’t fit in. My family and friends didn’t understand it, so I was like ‘there’s got to be some women for me.’ Turns out there were and there are, we’ve been rolling together ever since,” says Taylor. “So, the organization started to just bring us together. However, the more I got into the industry the more I saw that there are obviously fewer (women) of us at the top, and a big percentage of us had experienced sexism. We try to educate women who aspire to be in the industry and help those who are in the industry get through it,” she says. “One of the biggest things we do is the ‘anonymous questions.’ We’ve received some situations that are huge red flags for a bigger problem in the industry. My plan is to expand and create local chapters around the country to tackle these problems.”

That being said, I asked Meaghan how we could encourage more women to step into the role of management in the business. “I think most women just need a roadmap. That comes with finding mentors to show them the way,” she says. “That’s where Women In Radio can come in handy. Also, a lot of women have had bad managers so that may stop them from wanting to be a part of management too. That’s where the ‘anonymous questions’ can come in handy.”

So far, Meaghan has had a very fulfilling career. “My first big accomplishment was working in Miami; it was always my dream. When I was a kid and Will Smith had the ‘Welcome To Miami’ song, it stuck with me and made me want to move there as an adult,” she says. “My second big accomplishment is working for The Steve Harvey Morning Show, I’ve quietly wanted to be a part of a morning show for some time now, so it’s great to be surrounded by legends.”

The last few years have been very productive for Meaghan both personally and professionally, despite the pandemic. “I actually left my job in Miami during the pandemic. It’s something I needed to do for myself,” she explains. “I moved to Atlanta and re-started my life and was just a social media consultant. I can’t complain about the pandemic when it comes to my job, because I actually got my current job at The Steve Harvey Morning Show in the midst of it,” she says. “Women In Radio fared well too. We had our virtual conference last year because we had to, but I can’t wait to be back in person in 2022 on March 5th in Atlanta, GA.”

What keeps Meaghan up at night? “Life keeps me up at night, making sure I’m doing the right things as a daughter, sister, friend, and business owner. This is all really self-taught so sometimes it’s hard, ya know? I don’t believe in balance, but what keeps me halfway sane is a good schedule. Everything in the world works on a schedule, why shouldn’t we? I try to be asleep by 10p and up my 5am. It gives me a lot of peace having a full day to get things done,” says Taylor. “I often feel like there’s no spare time, there’s always something to do with Women In Radio. But I recently gave myself weekends off from Women In Radio or any work in general (unless it’s an emergency). I’m only thirty, I need to be outside living my life. I really enjoy reading, hanging on my balcony and drinking red wine.”

For Meaghan and Women In Radio, important things are on the way. “We have our sixth annual conference next March Atlanta that I’m really, really excited about. We’re actually looking for sponsors, so email if you’re interested,

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