Women To Watch: SMITH

(By Charese Fruge’) Hit Maker Music Group’s SMITH is well aware of radio’s hitmaking power. With the success of her 2023 single “Lemon,” she became the first female musician since Billie Eilish to have a song chart at Top 40, Hot AC, Rhythmic, and Alternative radio.

The singer, songwriter, and producer is still relatively new to the scene, and recently landed two more singles on the charts in two different formats, with “Run” climbing at Top 40 and “Pathetic” charting at Alternative radio.

This is all while making her name as a producer and earning a Grammy nomination for her work on Jack Harlow’s “Come Home the Kids Miss You.”

“My musical style is that I make exactly what I like…and I like to make songs that tell a story and give a ride,” says SMITH. “If I’m going to babble on, I owe the listener at least that. Every song has to be beyond edible. I want it to be delicious ear candy. Ear-licious! That’s what I want as a fan.”

“As far as influences, I’d say I’m more so by songs and artist’s stories than I am by any one particular entertainer/artist,” she explains. “There are so many great ones, it’s super hard to narrow it down. So, in no order, artists that are inspirational to me in the stratosphere as of right now are: Doja Cat – artistry, songs and production; Beyoncé – the most talented artist in the world; Taylor Swift – genius, strong, artistry, work ethic; Billie Eilish – artistry, songs, production; Madonna – revolutionary, artistry, songs; Miley Cyrus – artistry, voice, songs; Rihanna – artistry, songs, performance, business god; Adele – songs, performance, production, insane voice; Nicki Minaj – artistry, songs, performance, voice; and Lady Gaga – artistry, songs, performance, production. There really are so so so many more… this feels unfinished. TBC.”

“Besides my passion for music, I started in the business because of my family. I just did what my parents did. They were both in a rock band. Literally, though, it all started in a recording studio, in a trailer, in a small town… in Indiana.”

 “Ultimately, I just wanted to write and make great songs that give people something in the way they give me something,” says SMITH. “I remind myself every day how lucky I am that I get to wake up and make music every day. That’s always the most exciting thing to me. I connect with listeners through the songs, that’s where it’s easiest and deepest for me. I don’t think much past the music. And I love being on stage. That’s a great place to connect with people as well. I mostly try to change ‘with’ the world and flow with what ‘is’ instead of fighting it. I look at how change can benefit me and do my best to make a great song. A great song has no age or capacity limit.” 

“As far as finding balance in my career and personal life, it’s hard and something I’m always wrestling with. More practically, I ride my bike, get good sleep, avoid a lot of alcohol, and meditate every day. I also try to avoid engaging in what people think about me or my music, good or bad. I do this by avoiding exposing myself to useless opinions. I do what I love and feel so lucky to get to make music with my life. That’s plenty enough.”

As far as advice for Women looking to be successful in the business, SMITH says:

  • Learn how to program music. You can play everything if you learn this.
  • Learn your chords. 
  • Listen to all the music you can. Go back to the 40s all the way up till now. Musical osmosis is real. 
  • Write songs that YOU believe and like. Don’t worry about it sounding anything but good. A great song is a great song. 
  • Trust yourself.
  • Only listen and learn from those who deserve to teach you. You learn just as much from challenges but that’s not the same thing as listening. A lot of people say a lot of things. Choose wisely.

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