From the microphone to the boardroom, MCMedia has the expertise to help you improve your craft and navigate the muddy waters of the industry.


Are you playing the right tracks at the right times? MCMedia can ensure your library and your station is where it should be.


Take MCMedia’s decades of experience in creating market-leading stations help you maximize your brand’s ratings and earning potential.


Aircheck Sessions

We offer in-depth aircheck sessions that cover the good, the bad, and show you how to take your talent to the next level.

Career Advice

We’ll teach you what today’s programmers are looking for and how to determine your ROI when it comes to negotiating an agent, raise, or next position.

Extension Of Your Brand

Learn how to grow your brand on-air, in person and on social media. Ensure you are everywhere your P1’s want you to be.


Have an experienced programmer who understands how the business works today negotiate on your behalf.

Music & Station Strategy

Deep Dive Analysis

From music library and strategy to stop set placement and appointment setting, we evaluate your primary target demo, station messaging and overall approach to delivery, imaging and promotional campaigns.

Focus Groups

Spearhead affordable focus groups to learn the opinions and desires of your target demo and largest available audience in the market.

Selling The Station

Get the Programmer’s Guide to Selling The Station. Identify exact listener station strategy and educate both the on-air and sales teams on who you need to reach.

Schedule & Curate

Stop the guessing game and hand the keys to some of the most accomplished program directors in the industry to curate and schedule playlists and music logs.

Motivational Speaking

Motivational speaking, mentorship, developing show structure and personality development within your station.

Maximize Your Potential In 2020 & Beyond

Let MCMedia take your station and career to new heights!

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