Introducing MC Media

Accomplished Programmer Charese Frugé launches MC Media, a multi-purpose consulting company servicing both the talent and programming side of radio. The Nevada Broadcast Hall of Fame member shares years of experience with award-winning and record-breaking ratings. Frugé has successfully programmed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, Denver and Las Vegas. MC Media covers multiple formats including CHR, Rhythm, AC, Adult Top 40, Alternative, Country, Classic Hits and Sports.

“I’m excited about the fresh new approach we have on the business as it continues to broaden, expand and become more inclusive,” says Frugé. “It’s the opportunity for talent and programmers, both new and seasoned, to get something different from the norm that we know from experience is successful.”

MC Media will provide services like air check sessions, expansion of the brand on air as well as in person, at events and on social media, career advice and negotiation, music and programming philosophy, a deep dive on your brand versus your competitor and a “Programmers Guide to Selling the Station” for both the on-air talent and the sales team. With increased consolidation, MC Media will also offer companies seasoned music schedulers to curate and schedule playlists and music logs.

Meet Charese

Charese Frugé
Charese FrugéAward-Winning Programmer

Charese Frugé has 20+ years in the radio business with a proven track record in multiple formats as both an on air personality and an award winning programmer.

She’s been successful in markets like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, Las Vegas and Denver. She’s been recognized as one of Radio’s Most Influential Women by Radio Ink on multiple occasions and has several awards for Excellence in Management from both CBS Radio, and the Alliance for Women in Radio.

She was born and raised in Eunice, Louisiana and is a die hard Saints and LSU fan. She currently resides in Las Vegas where she lived for 10 years, Programmed KMXB and KXTE for CBS Radio and eventually became VP of Programming for the CBS Radio Las Vegas cluster.

Charese is a voice actor and voice over talent with CESD Talent and one of the few female consultants in the industry. She is also a columnist for where she writes the weekly feature “Women to Watch,” and a bi-weekly feature for “Consultants Tips.”

Charese’s Career Highlights…

  • Becoming a Big Sister and volunteer for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Nevada

  • Inducted into the Nevada Broadcasters Hall Of Fame in 2012.

  • Genii Award for Excellence in Management by the Alliance for Women in Media, Southern California chapter in 2012.

  • Awarded the Excellence in Leadership and Programming by CBS Radio in 2011.

  • Recognized as one of Radio Ink’s Most Influential Women in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016.

People Are Talking…

“Charese takes a no-nonsense approach to some of the most challenging situations and has the experience to navigate even the most complicated challenges. She’ll tell you like it is, and then give you the road map to get through it. Superb big picture perspective.”

Dave Farra, Nationally Syndicated Dave & Mahoney Morning Show

“Charese is always the one with the biggest b***s in the room.”

Jason Mahoney, Nationally Syndicated Dave & Mahoney Morning Show

“I’ve known Charese for 23 years! She’s been everything from my morning radio partner to my Program Director. In every situation, she has taught me how to understand the audience, how preparation is key and the drive needed to be successful in this industry. Charese has the knowledge and expertise to fix or fine tune any format. She will shoot straight, so you always know where you stand. These are key characteristics to win in this very crowded, highly distracted medium. Charese will keep the focus on your station, make your good talent great, and give you the tools to standout!”

Yvonne Spillers, Arthur & Yvonne In The Mornings, 96.1 WEJZ Jacksonville

“Charese is great at finding and maximizing a talent’s strengths which results in increased ratings and productivity. My times working with Charese with her unique mentoring style has always brought out some of my best work in my career.”

DJ Riddler, Platinum Billboard Producer/Artist/Broadcaster

“I was one of Charese’s “rockstar hires” 15 years ago. I already had a very successful on-air career but working with her elevated it to the next level. Aircheck sessions with Charese are informative and fun. She’s thoughtful with her feedback and gives such great advice about how to be more authentically you to reach your audience in a deeper way. (And she has kick-ass taste in music. Her office had its own inviting format that made you want to hang out instead of run away from your boss.)”

Jennifer Wilde, Radio Personality/Photographer

“During her tenure (at Alice 106 Denver), the station grew to new ratings highs. Her secret? She had the unique ability to inspire talent to develop their craft, try new things, and grow their audiences. She was a Rockstar.”

Jerry McKenna, Fmr VP/Market Manager, CBS Radio Las Vegas

“Although she excelled in all aspects of programming (at Mix 94.1 and X107.5 Las Vegas), her forte’ was centered in talent recruitment and talent management. Charese’s staff had great respect for her and the ratings and revenue soared because of it.”

Jerry McKenna, Fmr VP/Market Manager, CBS Radio Las Vegas

“Charese is one of the most inspiring and influential programmers that I know. Her ability to connect with people, create ideas on the fly and handle high pressure situations makes her one of the best leaders I know.”

J Love, Program Director, Mix 94.1 Las Vegas

“I’ve known Charese for over a decade. She gave me my first on-air contract and has supported me through every step of my radio journey. She is an advocate for women in the business, she has invaluable experience and knowledge to share and she is an excellent sounding board with great advice. One of the things I appreciate most is that she shoots straight with you and she is an excellent listener. Just two of many attributes that make her a great coach.”

Daena 'DK' Kramer, Co-Host of Nationally Syndicated 'The 90's With Alfonso Ribeiro'

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